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Long Branch @ Annual Golf Outing: October 17th
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3 days, 19 minutes

Annual Golf Outing: October 17th

Good Morning Montgomery Cougar Basketball FAMILY,


I hope this message finds you all doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather.  It seems like it has been forever since I contacted each of you, but I did want to update everyone on two pretty significant happenings.  The first is I thought you would all like to know that the returning players have been hard at work preparing for next year.  Our Spring Open gym sessions started not even a full week after we lost in the state tournament because the players simply wanted to keep working with each other.  Since open gym have started this spring we have conducted 30 sessions and in that time we have utilized both of our Shooting Machines, The Gun, to maximize our court time.  To date, the players have shot 35,409 times, that is roughly 1,181 shots per hour (we know this because The Gun tracks total shots taken).  We, as a coaching staff, could not be prouder of the dedication and hard work that these returning players have demonstrated.  They truly cannot wait for summer basketball to officially start on June 13th.


The second event that I wanted to discuss with all of you is our Annual Golf Outing.  At the end of last year’s golf outing both Sharon and Sean Mahoney sat down with me and told me how they truly appreciated all that this Basketball FAMILY has done to honor the legacy of Jack.  They told me that this event has been the main reason why they have been able to award two annual scholarships each and every year since Jack passed away.  However, they also told me his scholarship was something that they never envisioned sustaining forever.  As a result, they have decided to support the outing moving forward but in a name other than Jack’s. As a result, our annual Golf Outing will now be called The Montgomery Boys Basketball Golf Outing – “WHERE FAMILY NEVER GRADUATES.”  At this point I am making my first of many pleas for each and every one of you to GET INVOLVED!!!  Alumni – We are going to really need you to step up and show up in force to make sure this event continues to grow each and every year.  More details will follow, but you can put the following date in your calendar, Monday, October 17th @ Mercer Oaks Golf Club.  PLEASE PLAN ON BEING THERE!!!!


I should also point out that each year the Boys Basketball Golf Outing will team up with a charity, where a portion of the proceeds generated from the event will be donated to that organization.  Although an organization for this year’s event has not been selected as of yet, I will let you know when one has.


As always THANKS SO MUCH for your time and your continued support of this Montgomery Basketball FAMILY!!!


Mr. Kris Grundy

Montgomery High School – Math/Special Education Dept.

Head Boys Basketball Coach

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