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Dom Antosz is honoring  Mrs. Melissa Fattoruso

Mrs. Fattorusso, you have always been my favorite teacher throughout high school! You not only made learning easy and fun, but you were also a great friend, to who I could always talk to. Thank you for making high school that much of a better experience for me, and for helping make me the person I am today. 

Mike Remsen is honoring  Mr. Mark Priebracha

Coach Priebrach, thanks so much for allowing me to honor you tonight.  Even though you are new to Montgomery High School, you quickly have become my favorite teacher.   You bring such enthusiasm and energy to every class and it makes learning so much fun not just for me, but for my classmates as well. To your credit, you are one of the few teachers that I have been able to pay attention for the entire class.  Thanks again for all you have done for me. 

Darron Wallace is honoring  Mrs. Erin Reynolds

To me Mrs. Reynolds was more than just my freshman World Studies Honors teacher. Without her, my struggles during my freshman year would’ve continued without her help and guidance. She always stayed after school with me and was willing to take time from her free period to help me study and take notes in any of my classes. I will remain forever grateful to her for all she did for me and I am happy we maintain a close relationship to this day. Thank you for everything, Mrs. Reynolds. 

Alex Miller is honoring  Mr. Mike Girvan

Coach Girv, thank you for allowing me to honor you tonight.  You have impacted my life greatly over the last 6 years and for that I feel you needed to be honored.  Since I was in 7th grade and on the middle school baseball team you have guided my life in the Right direction and helped me mature. Thanks for being there for me throughout my time here in Montgomery.  

Chase Ta is honoring  Mrs. Kelly O’Toole

Mrs. O’Toole, you were always able to make English class a fun and enjoyable experience for me and everyone else in my class.  Never once did feel like work, or a drag, but rather I always looked forward to your class. You were always able to put a smile on all the student’s faces because of your outgoing nature. Thank you for letting me honor you tonight and your efforts as a teacher.