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Danny Engels is honoring   Mr. Jason Oosting (History)

The teacher I chose to recognize tonight is Mr. Jason Oosting.   Mr. Oosting was my U.S History 2 teacher when I was a Junior and it was one of my favorite classes. The thing that makes Mr.Oosting such a great teacher is that he’s very engaging and makes learning fun. He’s got a great sense of humor and goes out of his way to make sure students are successful. Thanks Mr.Oosting for being the man. 

Matt Summers is honoring  Mrs. Stacey Wang (Math)

I chose Ms. Wang as the teacher I was going to honor tonight because she is truly one of the best and kindest teachers I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I enjoyed how up-beat and enthusiastic she was in the classroom every day, and she truly made math fun and enjoyable for everyone. Finally, I would just like to thank her for all she has done for me over the years. 


Chris Thomsen is honoring   Mrs. Nitu Sinha (Math)

I had Mrs. Sinha for math during my junior year. It was during my junior year when Mrs. Sinha helped me to succeed in a subject that I have always struggled in. In addition to being a great teacher, I decided to honor her tonight because along the way she taught me how to apply myself which turned me into a more successful student.

Matt Remsen is honoring   Mr. Bryan Upshaw (Phys. Ed.)

Mr. Upshaw has been my gym teacher since my sophomore year here at MHS. In that time, Mr. Upshaw has always been there for me and always made sure I was having fun in gym. In addition, he always come to our basketball games and supports the team which we all really appreciate.

Akaash Patel is honoring  Mr. Pete Mueller (TV Production/Coach)

I chose to honor Coach Mueller because his class was by far my favorite class I have taken in my four years at MHS. I also picked him because I could always talk to him about the basketball team and I could tell how interested he is in wanting our team to succeed throughout the season. I have only had him as a teacher for about five months now, but in those five months he has quickly became one of my favorite teachers in the school and is why I chose him to be honored on Teacher Appreciation night. 

Matt Heidt is honoring Mr. Zoran Milich (History/Coach)

I chose to honor Coach Milich tonight because he not only was my football coach and teacher, but more importantly he taught me how to act and come into my own as a young man. In addition to the various life lessons he taught me out of the classroom, he was also a great teacher in the classroom as well. He is a great mentor and I really appreciate all he has done and taught me over my 4 years here at MHS.