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Mike Fidanzato is honoring Ms. Karin Lee

Three out of my four years at MHS, I’ve had Ms. Lee as my German Teacher and I can honestly say that I’ve learned a lot from her. However, German wasn’t the only thing I learned from Ms. Lee. Through the entirety planning process of the German exchange program for 2013, Ms. Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was concluded that she could not go on the exchange. But she put aside her personal problems for the benefits of her students and gave all of us an opportunity of a life time. Ms. Lee’s selfless attitude and caring nature are the reasons why I am a successful student and I greatly appreciate her and everything she has done for me.

Ananth Chenimineni is honoring Ms. JL Marshall

During my junior year, one class that I could always look forward to was undoubtedly Ms.Marshall’s class. Her kindhearted and energetic nature made class fun while being educational as well. As time went on I was able to call Ms. Marshall more than just a teacher, but a friend too. Although our time in the classroom together ended last year, I am proud to say that Ms. Marshall has helped me grow not only as a student in the classroom but as an individual in life and for that I will always thank her. 

Tim Youreneff is honoring Mr. Mike Stern

There have been few teachers in my High School career where I have had an instant connection with; Mr. Stern was one of them. From the day I meet Mr. Stern I knew he took his job seriously and I respected that greatly. I found Mr. Stern very easy to follow in class and he gave me confidence in my math abilities. When we weren’t talking about math, it was always basketball. His support for the team is unreal and myself and my teammates appreciate it enormously. I did find him very demanding when he always asked me for double doubles every night, but I still try to get one for him every game. Thank you Mr. Stern for everything you have done for me on and off the court, and im proud to not only call you a teacher, but a friend too. 

Greg Tarca is honoring Mrs. Erin Reynolds

Mrs. Reynolds has played a huge role in my development throughout high school.  From freshman year World Studies, to junior year US History, she always knew how to make class interesting and enjoyable for everyone.  Not only is she a great history teacher, to me, Mrs. Reynolds is a mentor and a friend.  She is a huge sports fan and I often found myself talking to her about basketball, even if that meant taking a break from class work!  (She is someone that I feel comfortable talking with, and I would readily look to her for advice or just for enjoyable conversation.  Mrs. Reynolds has helped to make my high school experience one that I will never forget. Thanks again for everything you have done for me!

Justin Kovacevich is honoring Mr. Jim Griffin

Throughout high school, I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time with Coach Griffin both inside and outside the classroom.  Coach Griff was my World History teacher when I was a freshman and even though history has never been one of my favorite subjects, I always looked forward to his class.  He taught us many interesting things and had a way of making history exciting.  Countless times after school and during the summer, I have lifted weights and gone to speed training with Coach Griff.  Due to his workouts, I have become a much faster and stronger athlete which has really helped me improve as a basketball player.  Coach Griff has not only prepared me physically for basketball, but mentally as well.  He has made me more self-confident and gotten me ready for any situation I might encounter on the court.  Coach Griff has always had high expectations for me and encourages me to reach my full potential as a student athlete.  Coach Griff has played an important role in the success that I have had through my years in high school and I thank him for that.