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Chris Gamache –  Mr. Nick Mylowe

From the first day of class to the last, Mr. Mylowe always showed that he cared about myself as well as my classmates. He always had a way to make everyone smile and made everyday of his class a joy to have. He still continues to lighten up my day by asking questions about how well the basketball season is going or how my family is doing. Although I only had Mr. Mylowe for one semester, I consider him as one of the most sincere teachers that I’ve had at this school and I’m so happy to have met him.

Brandon Solomon –  Ms. Kelly O’Toole

There have been very few teachers in my life that have had an impact like Ms. O’Toole. In one of the classes I have struggled in ever since i could remember, she gave me the tools and the confidence to become a better writer and a better student. What makes her stand out above the rest is that she didn’t stop there. She became someone I could have conversations with in the hall and someone I could come to for help, no to mention writing a recommendation for me. Ms. O’Toole may have started as my English teacher, but she has ended as a friend and one of the reasons why I have enjoyed high school.

Josh Bozzick –  Mr. Jim Griffin

Coach Griffin has played a huge role in developing me as a person and athlete throughout high school. Although I never had him as a teacher in the classroom, I had him as a teacher outside of it. During speed training sessions he would teach us not only how to start and stop but also talked to us about having a strong work ethic and a “learn-all-you-can” attitude. In the weight room he would correct your form or teach you how to do a specific exercise. Every year, from my freshman to my senior year, in the off-season from spring to fall, he was making us better athletes. I remember absorbing the inspirational speeches he would give during speed training sessions. Coach Griffin instilled confidence and a hard-working attitude in me. He helped me become fundamentally sound and the best athlete I could be, and for that I am forever grateful. I will always value everything that Coach Griffin has done for me during my high school years.

THANK YOU, Coach Griff!

Andrew Egladyous –  Mr. Zoran Milich

Coach Milich has impacted my life and helped me become the man I am today. During football season, he would continuously shout at me for every little thing I did wrong, but I knew that it was only because he wanted to push me to be the best I could be. He taught me to persevere and always strive to reach my goals. Coach always supported me during track and football season, through thick and thin and was always there for me whenever I needed anything. He is also very light-hearted and can always lighten a mood with his jokes. Coach is also one of the greatest inspirational speakers I have witnessed, I will never forget his pregame speech before our game against Hillsborough my sophomore year. Another one of the numerous things Coach has done for me is that he has taught me how to deal and to respond to adversity, that is a lesson that I am going to be able to take with me for the rest of my life. The list goes on and on but to be brief I am very thankful for having a such an influential teacher and coach guide me through my high school career.

Zaryab Ayub –  Ms. JL Marshall

Often times I find myself lost in class, off in a daze. However, last year in Ms. Marshall’s class i found myself engaged and attentive. Her free flowing classroom discussions made me more willing to participate and strive to be a better learner. Ms. Marshall is one of the few teachers whose class I actually enjoyed. Her classroom was a casual, yet an informative, engaging environment that I was privileged to be in. Although she may not know it, her class helped me mature in my views and for that I thank her.

Gavin Columbia –  Miss Sarah Matthews

I had Ms. Matthews for English my first two years of high school, and she became more of a friend than the great teacher she was. She was so down to earth and could relate to what students had to say. Unlike some other classes, I always looked forward to going to her class everyday, as it was fun to learn with her laid back teaching style. I don’t know what high school would’ve been like if I never had her. Thanks for everything Ms. Matthews.

Michael Rubayo –  Miss Dana Newbury

Every day sophomore year I knew that I would get off to a good start. Ms. Newbury’s Algebra 2 class was always entertaining and engaging allowing for me to start off on the right foot. Even though I only had her for 45 minutes every day for a year, she has made a huge impact on my high school experience. I have continued to go to her for advice both last year and this year, knowing she will help me make the right decision and make me laugh while doing it. Ms Newbury can always make me smile no matter how I feel and i am a better person for knowing her for the past 3 years. Thank you for everything you have done for me Ms. Newbury. I greatly appreciate it.

Zach DeVincenzo –  Mr. Vince Ingraffia

Coach I and I have been acquaintances for some time now. Coach and I mutually agreed that I would choose him for teacher appreciation night, not only because we are buds, but because we have built a bond over the years that is like no other. Coaches I and myself met back in my freshman year when I was playing soccer and he was my coach. My initial thoughts on Coach I was not the greatest and he and I did not see eye to eye at the beginning.  We would always argue and bash heads on the smallest things, but when soccer started coming to an end, that’s when things started to turn for the better. Coach I has taught me many lessons over the years. He has taught how to always work for the things I want and that there is always time for running.  But most importantly, Coach is always there to talk to when things aren’t going well and also there to talk just to joke around. I always enjoy his presence and I hope after this year we continue our friendship.  PS. You got to get those six pack abs back for July 27th!