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Colin Geary –  Mrs. Jane Griesinger

Mrs. Griesinger is a teacher that cares for every student. She is a teacher that truly wants students to succeed and is always open to changing her schedule to help people out with any questions. In the class she creates a family like environment that allows kids to ask questions without worrying what others would say and this creates a fun environment to learn in. I never disliked going to her class because it was an enjoyable learning environment that made me want to go to class. She helped me realize that if you don’t worry about the grades but worry about learning the material then the grades would get better. Even after you have been in her class, she still has her door open for you to come in and ask questions. Mrs. Griesinger was the best teacher because of the relaxed environment she created and the openness to answer any questions that are asked.

Ryan McCoy –  Miss Dana Newbury

Ms. Newbury played a vital role in my growth as a high school student. I enjoyed being taught by Ms. Newbury because class was always interesting and fun. Ms. Newbury is an excellent teacher and inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. Ms. Newbury was always available when you needed her. She always cared about all of her students and wanted all of them to succeed. She was always a nice teacher who was fair to all her students. I am lucky to have had such an influential teacher in my high school career.

Matt Mignon – Mr. Jim Griffin

Coach Griffin has been an inspirational part of my life throughout high school. He helped me in the weight room during my freshman year, making me a better athlete. Sophomore year then came around and I was placed in Coach Griffs U.S. History class. The class was filled with a lot of material that could have been boring, but he made the class interesting and it was one of the highlights of my school day that year. As I became an upperclassman, Coach Griffin continued to be a huge part of my life. He even wrote my college letter of recommendation, which I know helped me tremendously in being admitted to my top schools. Seeing him everyday in the halls, the weight room, at speed training sessions, and at the majority of our games during our season, I knew he was always there if I needed him. When I think back on high school, Coach Griffin will be one of the first teachers I remember, and I will always be thankful for all he has done for me.

Mike Reynolds –  Mr. Vince Ingraffia

Coach Ingraffia played an essential role in my development as a student and as a person. He has been an enormous influence on my character and personality and has been a great role model for me. He is the most memorable and interesting teacher I have had throughout my high school years. I am very lucky to have such an influential teacher in my high school career. He was very supportive and I always had Coach Ingriffia to go to if I needed any advice, he was always there for me. I always enjoyed being in the presence of Coach Ingriffia, he made my high school experience one to remember.

Jon Lott –  Miss Chrissy D'Amore

Ms. D’Amore played a big role in my development as a student and a person. She always made my class enjoyable and I knew she was always there to talk to if I needed advice or help in class. She also influenced me in my senior year by making sure I was making good decisions. I also owe a great deal of thanks to her because she wrote all my recommendation letters to colleges. She is the most memorable and influential teacher I’ve vet had, and always pushed me to do my best.

Brian Solomon –  Mr. Jon Moran

Going into senior year, I expected math to be a more casual class than previous years.  On the first day of class however we started immediately with review problems from last year’s math course.  From the first day of school Mr. Moran has been constantly challenging me and helping me to become a better student in math.  Along with keeping math interesting he has also helped me in the past with SAT work which I know has made a positive effect in my scores.  I feel that Mr. Moran has always supported me and other members of the basketball team and will always be there for his students

Tony Farinaro –  Mr. Zoran Milich

Coach Milich played a big part of my high school life because he was helped me in and out of the classroom.  As a teacher he always prepared me for tests and never made things unfair.  Coach Milich also convinced me to start playing football.  I am so glad I got the chance to play because there really is nothing like playing under the lights on a Friday night.  He was always helpful when I had questions and taught me the sport faster then I thought I could learn it.  Coach Milich put more time into watching film and preparing us for games then most coaches.  I think he spends more time at the school than anyone else.  He gives up a lot his free time to help the football team and the track team

Jack Kearns –  Mrs. Bonnie Lieu

Ms. Lieu has been a role model and mentor for me throughout my four years in high school. I was fortunate enough to have Ms. Lieu as my history teacher during my freshman and junior years. During my two years in Ms. Lieu’s class, I developed a strong interest in history thanks to the interesting, challenging and fun classroom environment that Ms. Lieu established. Outside the classroom, Ms. Lieu was always there to answer questions, to give extra help before tests, and to assist me in my college application process. I greatly valued my two years in Ms. Lieu’s class and I will miss it in years to come

Zach Hartnett –  Mrs. Meredith Dornbach

Ever since my sophomore year Mrs. Dornbach has always made class fun for me. Even though I was getting into a lot of trouble at the time she would still always try and help me stay out of trouble and manage to put me in a good mood when I was in a bad one. Even into my junior year she would still check up on me and make sure my grades were fine and if they weren’t she would tell me what I need to work on. And this year she still manages to put me in a good mood every morning when I have her even if she is in a bad one herself.